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California: Cut the Check

Tell the California Legislative Black Caucus We Deserve Better. Email the CLBC!

What's Going On: California’s Legislative Black Caucus (CLBC) has released its 2024 Reparations bill package.

But the package has no direct monetary payments nor any OTHER direct tangible, targeted, monetary resources for Black American descendants of people enslaved in the U.S.

Email the CLBC today. Tell them the bill package isn’t good enough, and that you want bills with targeted, tangible, timely, monetary resources for descendants now, not later!

We Need a Strong Reparations Agency!

Email Your State Senator!

What’s Going On: CA’s first lineage-based reparations-related bill of 2024 (SB-490) creates the CA American Freedmen Affairs Agency. 

We need a strong, independent, fully-funded Reparations agency to help residents apply for Reparations, show eligibility, process claims and payments, provide services and more!

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